pray for brain


What happens when two Buddhists and a Muslim meet to make music?

Arabilly. Sufisurf. Indofunk. Country and Eastern. None Of The Above.

Music to help you Pray For Brain.


Pray For Brain is not your auntie's world music band, nor your uncle's country twang, nor your grandad's jazz vinyl: think 70s era Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin and late Coltrane playing with the White Stripes and Isaac Hayes on a Calcutta rooftop with a bird's eye view to Morocco.

Johnny Cash and Bengali icon Rabrindranath Tagore may sit in, too.

With Mustafa Stefan Dill onguitar, fretless guitar and oud, Christine Nelson on bass and Jefferson Voorhees on drums,  Pray For Brain dishes up a highly acclaimed intense and passionate mix of jazz, world, funk, prog and classic rock, with a high degree of telepathic interplay.
The band's diversity prompted the title "None Of the Above " for their first CD, released April 2014 on the 7DMedia label to positive reviews, earning Best Jazz CD Of The Year at the 2015 NMMA awards and over 12,000 Facebook followers, primarily in South Asia and the Middle East.


Mustafa Stefan Dill: guitar, fretless guitar, oud
Christine Nelson: bass
Jefferson Voorhees: drums





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Individual tracks


Below is a selection of tracks from the None Of The Above CD, as well as practice sessions, live performances, scratch demos, and more.


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“ electro-organic feast, enveloping a 3D outlook, spanning Middle Eastern oud-based rock, Indofunk, jazz fusion and hearty doses of improvisation...In sum, if you’re looking for a solidly produced jazz rock or progressive rock outing that deviates from the tried and true, then Pray For Brain fits the bill in a rather huge way.” Glenn Astarita,, 2/7/2015
“Pray for Brain is a band unlike any other. This instrumental ensemble pushes the envelope and is refreshingly impossible to categorize. Rock, jazz and funk, along with a range of South Asian and Middle Eastern influences, slip between traces of surf, rockabilly and country in a great mix of cultures that twist and turn at the drop of a hat.” Alex Brown, Roots World, May 5, 2015


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